Gresham Savage Attorneys Obtain Favorable Verdict in Discrimination Lawsuit

April 19, 2016

In a recent discrimination and wrongful termination lawsuit initially involving more than 20 distinct causes of action, Principal Shareholder Richard Marca and Associate Jeff Olsen obtained a unanimous jury verdict, successfully defending an international agricultural company and individually-named managers, against allegations of harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress and various wage-hour violations. The jury deliberated for approximately 16 minutes. A vast majority of the other claims were dismissed through pre-trial motions.

“Clearing the name of company and their managers demonstrates that not everyone will cave under false accusations,” Mr. Marca said. “Based on our countless conversations with their many employees, they too hold their employer company and supervisors in the highest esteem. They deserved justice!”

The plaintiff, a Mexican-American farm worker, was employed by the company for approximately three months. In March 2014, the plaintiff filed a lawsuit claiming that his supervisor subjected him to severe and continuous discrimination and harassment, including nearly shooting him when the supervisor was aiming at coyotes; throwing chemicals under his car; insulting his Catholic religion; falsely imprisoning him; and other acts of harassment.

Several in-depth probes conducted by the company revealed that Robles, not his supervisors, had engaged in various forms of misconduct toward his fellow co-workers, which resulted in his appropriate and deserved employment termination.

Outside Counsel for the company, Thomas D. Walk, stated, “As outside counsel for a major corporation, I am tasked with hiring lawyers throughout the United States and Canada. In this case, we looked for the very best employment defense trial lawyer that possessed something extra in the hopes of increasing our client’s credibility in front of a jury. The single most important decision we made was hiring Richard Marca of the Gresham Savage firm. With Richard Marca at the head of his trial team, we did not know what would be the ultimate outcome, but we did know that this would give us the best chance to tell our side of the story. And tell that story, he (Richard) did. We are grateful to Richard, Jeff and the entire support team at Gresham Savage for their masterful handling of this case.”

Mr. Marca adds, “It was an honor to defend such a caring client. We at Gresham Savage are all pleased that the company and their employees were completely vindicated.”