Gresham Savage Attorneys Martin Stratte And Jonathan Shardlow Address The Analysis Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Under CEQA In The Fall 2017 Edition Of State Bar Of California Environmental Law News

December 28, 2017

In December 2017, the Environmental Law Section of the State Bar of California released its Fall 2017 edition of its biannual publication: Environmental Law News.

Included in the biannual publication is an article by Gresham Savage attorneys Martin Stratte and Jonathan Shardlow, which examines the questions left unanswered by Newhall Ranch concerning analysis of greenhouse gas emissions in connection with environmental review documents prepared under the California Environmental Quality Act.   The article is entitled “Analyzing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Under CEQA: Why the Questions Left Unanswered by Newhall Ranch Have Demonstrated the Need for an Update to the CEQA Guidelines.”  This publication follows Mr. Shardlow and Mr. Stratte’s publication in the Spring 2017 of Environmental Law News entitled “Public Interest Standing Under CEQA: Will We Ever Know What Types Of ‘Urgent Considerations’ Outweigh a Petitioner’s Standing?”