Jonathan Shardlow Authors Daily Journal Article Discussing the Need to Reform Standing Under CEQA

August 9, 2016

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) serves an incredibly important purpose by requiring local and state agencies to weigh in on potential environmental impacts of a project before considering them for approval. However, in recent years, CEQA litigation has been used as a tool to impede project development, not for environmental reasons, but for nefarious purposes. In his Daily Journal article “Time to Revisit Standing Under CEQA,” Attorney Jonathan Shardlow discusses the proliferation of CEQA litigation and the need for reform when analyzing public interest standing.

“The time to define ‘competing considerations of a more urgent nature’ is now, and the Legislature should include protection from improper CEQA lawsuits,” said Shardlow. “No longer should law firms be used as fronts in order to extort monetary settlements to dismiss lawsuits brought not to protect the environment, but to extract large sums of money.”

These lawsuits have had a negative impact on court workloads and economic stimulation, as well as quell important development including affordable housing, public works and public safety projects. The lack of action by both the courts and Legislature has allowed these types of lawsuits to endure unchecked.