Opinions of Counsel in Lending Transactions: Jerome Grossman Presents Strafford CLE Webinar

March 29, 2016

Before closing a commercial finance transaction, lenders require borrowers’ counsel to deliver an opinion letter, which is drafted and based on legal principles including validity, entity and authorization for the parties involved.

Senior Counsel Jerome Grossman will help present the Strafford CLE webinar “Opinions of Counsel in Lending Transactions: Scope and Assumptions, Substantive Opinions and Qualifications” on April 14, 2016. The webinar addresses details for preparing and providing opinion letters in commercial financing transactions. Mr. Grossman, along with two other faculty members, will review the risks and potential liabilities; discuss the rights, obligations and expectations of opinion givers and lenders; and outline the best practices to reduce risk.

Strafford webinars are aimed at helping attorneys and business professionals get the information they need to stay on the cutting edge. Each seminar is geared toward providing accurate, relevant and timely updates under the guidance of expert advisory boards.

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