Construction Law & Litigation

Legal services throughout aspects of building phases

The attorneys at Gresham Savage do not shy away from complex construction, and have had significant experience assisting private and public clients on all aspects of their building projects.
From the pre-bidding process to the first nail being hammered to final resolution of any and all claims, Gresham Savage is your one-stop shop throughout the project’s life cycle. Our construction attorneys also offer the value-added service of being onsite when needed to resolve issues in real-time, which helps keep small problems from becoming large ones.

Additionally, the construction practice at Gresham Savage is backed by a full-service firm that is available to bring the complete breadth of legal services to building projects. No matter what concerns you may have surrounding a construction project, our legal team is here to help.

Guiding projects from the ground up

Our construction clients include public agencies, private property owners, construction managers, general contractors, subcontractors, designers, suppliers and insurers. We offer the following legal services to the construction industry:

• Pre-bid qualifications & interpretations
• Prosecuting and defending bid protests
• Negotiating and drafting contracts
• Contractor licensing
• Lien law remedies
• Dispute avoidance and resolution
• Change-order issues
• Schedule change impact claims
• Payment and scope-of-work disputes
• Defective workmanship claims

Bringing a competitive team of litigators

While we seek to resolve problems outside the courtroom, if litigation can’t be avoided, our competitive team fights to win. Some of our achievements include:

• A $100 million construction settlement and nuisance claim by homeowners against a national retail developer.
• A complete defense verdict and attorneys’ fees in a multimillion-dollar real property lawsuit.
• A summary judgment and more than $300,000 in attorneys’ fees for a developer in a multimillion dollar lawsuit.
• $3.6 million dollar jury verdict for damages and attorney’s fees in lawsuit by owner of industrial buildings for damage to steel structure of the building by tenant that manufactured PVC pipe in owner’s building.

If you need legal assistance for your construction project, contact one of our offices today.