Each year Gresham Savage participates in the Fall On-Campus Recruiting Program at a number of regional schools looking for second year students for its upcoming summer program. We currently visit the following schools: U.C. Davis, Loyola, McGeorge, Pepperdine, UCI, UCLA, USC, and USD. Applications from students should be received no later than August 1.

Call-back applicants are invited to interview at both of our offices, which includes office tours and introductions to our attorneys and staff. We set aside two Fridays each Fall for call-back interviews.

Our summer program is designed to give law students a representative sampling of our firm’s diverse practice and the opportunity to get to know the attorneys in our firm. Another goal of our summer program is to acquaint summer associates with the cultural and recreational activities available in the local area. The firm hosts a variety of informal social events throughout the summer that provides participants with the opportunity to get to know our lawyers and their families.


Gresham Savage promotes an aggressive recruiting process to help strengthen the diversity within the firm. Because of the diverse communities the firm resides in, it is imperative that it embraces diverse representative talent.

Gresham Savage is committed to consistently providing our clients with intelligent and pragmatic strategies and solutions, demonstrated by exceptional service, integrity and results. In selecting new associates, we look for characteristics that exemplify and support that ethos as well as those individuals who will represent the diversity of our clients.


Professional growth of new associates is a priority at Gresham Savage and includes opportunities to explore practice group specialties and mentorship to guide skills development. Candidates who are selected are perceived to have the potential and characteristics of becoming a Shareholder at Gresham Savage.

Gresham Savage promotes a highly effective mentoring program. Our new associates are provided guidance by the Shareholders to broaden their knowledge of effective practice development within the firm. We strive to acclimate all of our new employees into the team culture that Gresham Savage promotes. Mentors are there to aid in the professional development of our young attorneys and orient them into the diverse surroundings of our community. This, in turn, results in increased productivity and performance as well as increased career satisfaction.

Although we have organized a formal mentoring program, many take the initiative and share knowledge with one another on a daily basis. The firm maintains and encourages a true open-door policy. Gresham Savage is committed to evolving as our diverse surroundings take new shapes. The Shareholders here at Gresham Savage practice the team mentality and realize that aiding in increasing the skills of all attorneys at the firm will better their business and enhance each other. The interaction between Shareholders and new attorneys often results in insight and learning from both parties.

Areas in which attorneys look to mentor new associates include; effective communication between client and attorney, professionalism and legal ethics, professional development, law practice transitions and alternatives, and balancing careers with family and personal lives.

We look forward to the opportunity to meet with highly-qualified students who are interested in discussing employment prospects. If you are unable to meet with our campus representative during the Fall On-Campus interview season, please send your resume via e-mail only to: [email protected]

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